Who Is Driven Leads?

Driven Leads is a relatively new company and concept in the internet world, but the people and products behind it are not.  Founded by Nick Kremer in 2010, Driven Leads was built out of a necessity to help a friend in need.  As the story goes, Nick was no stranger to the Internet Marketing world and had been running a web hosting company for 10+ years.  He had been helping several of his customers where they needed it in Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, and Web Development; so when his Real Estate friend came to him with a need for some help, he just jumped right in like any other project.

Kremer Family

What Nick found immediately when working on the Real Estate Broker’s project was success and a niche that he really enjoyed.  After a few months of working with the first RE Broker, he had decided to reach out to a few more Real Estate companies and see if he could have similar success.  The rest is history…

Fast forward to present day and Driven Leads has become a leader in Online Lead Generation for Real Estate & Mortgage Brokers throughout the country.

With over 100+ customers and growing every month, Driven Leads is a trusted source in full online management of marketing departments.

Here at Driven Leads, we are constantly evolving as Google Adwords, Facebook, and Web Development programs do.  Never being satisfied with where your current numbers are helps us stay on the very edge of technology.  We look forward to working with your team soon.

Getting In Touch With Us

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A Few Answers You Might Be Looking For

Is Driven Leads a Real Company?

Yes!  We are a real company that employs 7 people throughout the country right now.  Even though you might know Driven Leads through Nick Kremer, he is not a one man band and has a solid group of Google Certified professionals that work at Driven Leads with him.

How Long Does It Take to Get Started?

Once you fill out the new sign up worksheet it typically takes 7-10 days to get your accounts setup and started.  If you have a more custom project, then the time frame might extend out longer, and you will still get a solid start date at sign up.

Do You Have Contracts?

No, we don’t and don’t plan on having them in the future.  We believe that we are only as good as our last month and you shouldn’t be forced into a contract at any time.

Will You Build My Website for Me?

Nope, but we will consult on which solution is the best one for you.  Its what we specialize in.  We are an independent consulting firm that doesn’t take kick backs for pushing other vendors’ services.  Regardless if you are customer or not, we will give you our insight and try to point you in the best direction for your situation.

Do You Have Market Exclusivity For Customers?

We have what we refer to “Situational Exclusivity” which essentially means that we will determine what areas are exclusive and what areas are able to handle more than one customer.  This has nothing to do with level of service fees, and is purely based on search traffic opportunities.

Do You Offer Web Site Development or Design?

No, we are a marketing group that specializes in traffic management and traffic conversion.  We do not staff any web designers or web developers, but we know a lot of great solutions offered out there for the Real Estate / Mortgage / REI industries and will consult on best practices there for sure.

What Kind of Reporting Will We See?

Driven Leads sends out customized reports every Sunday morning to all of our live customers and gets you a detailed view on what happened on site over the last week.  We will also send monthly reports on the 1st of every month.

Do You Offer An Affiliate Program?

No, we strive off of our raving fans and customers for referrals.  We try to pay it forward every day in business and help others regardless if they are a customer or not.  From that, we have seen a massive influx of traffic and leads come into our company organically.  Much like a Realtor sees their referral business swell when doing good in the community.